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Authors Answer 59 – Characters of the Dark Side

I’m late again, you say? Well sue me. I had Christmas presents to wrap, and then I couldn’t be bothered to do anything else that requires effort. Have I mentioned that I’m lazy? I’m sure I have.

Which reminds me: there will be no post next week. Not on Boxing Day. I’m not going to do it a day late either, because that’s my birthday. I’ll catch up at some point, I’m sure.

Over to this week’s question, which is more interesting than my answer is going to be, unfortunately.

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Authors Answer 58 – Author Online Hangouts

This looks to be a short post, because I’m about as socially active online as I am in the real world, which means not very active at all. I am also an arrogant sod who mistrusts any advice that comes from total strangers. Why should they know better than me?

Anyway, the question: What are some online forums or websites you use to have discussions with other authors?

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Authors Answer 57 – Stop Asking me that Question!

You know, I think I may have actually caught up! I’m checking the AA index on Jay Dee Archer’s blog, and the original post for this one was posted on 4 December 2015. Seeing as it’s the 5th today, that’s good enough for me to declare myself up to date.

Unfortunately that’s about as good as it gets, because I don’t have a huge amount to say about this week’s question.

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Authors Answer 55 & 56

Late, late, I’m always late! This week hasn’t been very good so far. Well, Monday was – I didn’t post because I was out for a lovely steak with my husband’s family. I would have caught up on Tuesday, except it took me over two hours to get home from work (normally around 45-50 minutes, stupid traffic!) and I was rushing for the rest of the evening. Then I suppose I could have caught up yesterday, except I had to catch up on Masterchef instead.

Priorities, people.

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