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Bible Project Part 6 – Judges 21 to 2 Samuel 24

Another marathon session this week, mainly because these couple of books are a lot easier to read than the repetitive crap in the Pentateuch. I made it all the way from the tail end of Judges through Ruth (which is admittedly a very small Bible book) and through both books of Samuel. Continue reading

Bible Project Part 5 – Deuteronomy 25 to Judges 20

The more I read the Bible, the more I realise that it is basically a badly written, repetitive novel full of abuse, bad sex and characters I hate. In essence, it feels like reading Fifty Shades of Grey all over again. Still, this is the book that several major religions have based their faith on, so I shall persevere! (I believe there is one reason for doing this project which I may not have mentioned before, which is my firm belief that you cannot condemn something if you have not tried it. I loathe baked beans and custard, but I have reached this conclusion after first having eaten them. I think Fifty Shades of Grey is possibly the worst book/trilogy I have ever read, but I have read it. Any opinion is only valid if it is informed, so I am informing myself.)

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Bible Project Part 4 – Numbers 6 to Deuteronomy 24

Part four of my project, and I’m still within the Pentateuch. Unsurprising, I suppose, since these five books make up a good part of the Old Testament. To illustrate, Genesis starts on page 9 of my Bible, and Deuteronomy finishes on page 182. The Old Testament finishes on page 792, so the Pentateuch covers 23% of the whole.

When I finished last week we had just counted the important people (read: men) of the Israelite people, so let’s venture further into Numbers this week.

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Bible Project Part 3 – Exodus 13 to Numbers 5

Part three already, and I appear to have worked my way through all of Leviticus in one week. Before I get to that, however, I wanted to have a brief look at the etymology of the Bible books covered so far. I have always been very interested in the origins of words, so while the books of the Old Testament have been floating around in my head for decades (I had to learn them by rote as a child), I never really thought about what they meant.

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