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An Open Letter to EL James

Hello Erika. Can I call you Erika? I kind of don’t want to because I keep having to correct myself, but I suppose it’s not your fault that your parents didn’t know the right spelling of Erica.

Anyway, I feel compelled to write to you, two days after the debut of your new ‘novel’, Grey. What, why the quotation marks, you ask? I figured it was obvious, but I am as hesitant to call your latest work a novel as I am to call you a writer. Yes, it is a collection of words available for sale, and you put words on (virtual) paper, but to me the words ‘novel’ and ‘writer’ still imply a certain amount of quality, which is sadly lacking from your output.

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Bible Project Part 20 – Mark 13 to Luke 20

Still in the gospels, and the main thing that became apparent to me this week is that Matthew, Mark and Luke are virtually identical. Not literally; everything is described differently, but the event in these three gospels are massively similar. Continue reading

Bible Project Part 19 – Matthew 1 to Mark 12

A new Testament, a new challenge! Also a new world, because beyond 1 Corinthians 13 (and the bit I apparently read to a bunch of old people in an old people’s home back when I was five) I’ve never read any part of the New Testament. Jesus just never really interested me, I was more into the Old Testament’s smiting.

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Bible Project Part 18 – Amos 1 to Malachi 4

Wohoo, I made it to the end of the Old Testament! I did it in 18 weeks, so at about 40 minutes per day, five days a week minus a few holidays and bank holidays, I make that about 56 hours worth of reading. Not very intent reading, mind you (or at least not all the time), but that means I spent more than two full days reading the Bible. So far.

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