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An Open Letter to EL James

Hello Erika. Can I call you Erika? I kind of don’t want to because I keep having to correct myself, but I suppose it’s not your fault that your parents didn’t know the right spelling of Erica.

Anyway, I feel compelled to write to you, two days after the debut of your new ‘novel’, Grey. What, why the quotation marks, you ask? I figured it was obvious, but I am as hesitant to call your latest work a novel as I am to call you a writer. Yes, it is a collection of words available for sale, and you put words on (virtual) paper, but to me the words ‘novel’ and ‘writer’ still imply a certain amount of quality, which is sadly lacking from your output.

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Bible Project Part 19 – Matthew 1 to Mark 12

A new Testament, a new challenge! Also a new world, because beyond 1 Corinthians 13 (and the bit I apparently read to a bunch of old people in an old people’s home back when I was five) I’ve never read any part of the New Testament. Jesus just never really interested me, I was more into the Old Testament’s smiting.

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Bible Project Part 18 – Amos 1 to Malachi 4

Wohoo, I made it to the end of the Old Testament! I did it in 18 weeks, so at about 40 minutes per day, five days a week minus a few holidays and bank holidays, I make that about 56 hours worth of reading. Not very intent reading, mind you (or at least not all the time), but that means I spent more than two full days reading the Bible. So far.

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