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Bible Project Part 2 – Genesis 27 to Exodus 12

Part two of my Bible-reading project, and I’ve moved on from Genesis to Exodus. Where Genesis is known for the creation story, Exodus is of course known for the, well, exodus of the Israelite people from Egypt to be led to the promised land. But first we have to finish Genesis, and find out why the Israelites were in Egypt in the first place…

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Bible Project Part 1 – Genesis 1 to 26

A week later than intended, but here it finally is: part one of my Bible reading project. Today’s post will only cover a small part, mainly because the week in which I read this section was shorter than usual due to a holiday. That said, there was plenty to comment on…

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Bible Reading Project – Prologue

Goodness, is that the year? My Christmas hiatus has ended up being nearly a month and a half. Oops.

Well, if I have any readers left, I would like to bid you welcome to this new year, in which I am going to attempt to read the Bible all the way from Genesis to Revelations. I announced this previously, in this post, but let’s put down some more detail.

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