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Authors Answer 79 & 80


I don’t know why I still pretend that I write a post every Monday. How many have I missed in the past year? And here I’ve gone and missed two in a row… Okay, I have (as always) excuses. Two weeks ago something happened on Monday (can’t remember what), and since it was both Eurovision week and Masterchef finals week, there wasn’t a cat in hell’s chance of me catching up on any day after that. Last week I missed Monday because I was catching up with a friend who’d been on holiday for a week, and then I couldn’t catch up after that because my cat had developed a limp. Overnight. I went to bed and he was perfectly fine, I woke up and he was hobbling around like he only had three legs. He’s fine now, but it took three vet visits in total.

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Authors Answer 77 & 78

Yep, a double entry again. Do I have an excuse for missing last week? Not really. Technically I can blame the cat, who decided to jump on my lap just as I was starting to think about doing my blog post (and it’s impossible to type with a fat cat on your lap), but the truth is it just didn’t happen.

AA 77 is an interesting question though: How do you choose character names?

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