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Authors Answer 69 & 70

Missed a week again, so double post today! Yet another family visit got in the way. I’ve also been feeling shit, but that’s no excuse because frankly, I’m still feeling shit. I hate having a cold I can’t seem to shift. At the moment I’m living on hot toddies and liquorice (or, when at work, coffee, since I’m not really allowed to slip some whisky into anything I drink at work).

Anyway, that’s all by the by – let’s have a look at this week’s questions!

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Authors Answer 59 – Characters of the Dark Side

I’m late again, you say? Well sue me. I had Christmas presents to wrap, and then I couldn’t be bothered to do anything else that requires effort. Have I mentioned that I’m lazy? I’m sure I have.

Which reminds me: there will be no post next week. Not on Boxing Day. I’m not going to do it a day late either, because that’s my birthday. I’ll catch up at some point, I’m sure.

Over to this week’s question, which is more interesting than my answer is going to be, unfortunately.

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Authors Answer 17 – Writing Influences

I like this series, but a lot of the questions are either very similar to things I have already done before, or to another question in the Authors Answer line-up. This week’s question is What authors, styles or intellectual movements have most influenced your writing?

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Authors Answer 4 – Dream Interview

Another week, another Monday… I have felt quite meh all day for no particular reason other than just feeling a bit meh. This isn’t exactly conducive to writing a blog post, but let’s see what I can pull out of the bag.

This week’s question is If you could interview any author, who would it be and what would you ask?

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The unanswerable question

I made it! This is the very last entry in my 26-Week Book Challenge, even if this is an afterlude. Don’t tell me that’s not a word; it is now. Anyway, I posted 37 entries in total: 26 actual entries and 11 interludes on questions I could not (or would not) answer. Today’s is the last of those, and it’s the question which, to me, is the silliest of them all: your favourite book of all time.

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The book boyfriend

The Christmas break is over and January is already halfway gone, so it’s past time for me to pick up the thread of my 26-Week Book Challenge. This week is actually quite tricky, not so much in the answer to the challenge (that’s pretty easy), but in how I’m going to weave a post around it.

What I’m going to discuss today is my favourite male character, and I could go two ways with this. The first is to go with the title of this post and discuss the phenomenon of the book boyfriend. The second is to have a look at the expectations modern readers have of male protagonists.

I’m feeling reckless, so I’ll try both.

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