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Authors Answer 12 – Childhood Favourites

It’s a bit of a shame that the recent Authors Answer questions have been on topics I’ve covered before, and this week is no different. The question is What books did you read as a child? and I have previously written extensively about Thea Beckman as well as devoting at least part of a post to Paul Biegel.

Sheesh, I actually had to do a Google search to find that latter blog post. My blog needs a search function.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that for this week. Original post can be found here.


Authors Answer 11 – Genre Challenge

We’re sticking with genres for another week, and this time the question is If you were going to write in another genre, what would it be?

I can think of two answers to this question, and the first is Science-Fiction. It’s certainly not my first love (Fantasy), nor my second (Romance), but it’s still a genre I very much enjoy reading.

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RIP Alan Rickman

Goddamn it, world, did you have to?

Okay, David Bowie was bad, but on a personal level it didn’t hit me that much. I admired the man (and oh, Jared in Labyrinth!), but there it ended. Alan Rickman, however…

Fuck, the man was one of my heroes. No one could do weary sarcasm as well as him, and I loved him in films like Galaxy Quest and Dogma. He made Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves not only watchable, but entertaining as well. Need I mention Die Hard? And seriously, no one, absolutely no one else could have played Snape.

Kinda feel like my heart has been cut out with a spoon. Yes, it was dull. It hurts more. 😦


Authors Answer 10 – Least Favourite Genres

Before I start writing this week’s post I’d like to pay tribute to David Bowie, who was without doubt one of the greatest musicians of the past decades, influencing thousands of people all over the world. I wasn’t a fan – on the whole I was indifferent-verging-on-positive about his stuff, but it cannot be denied that he was a genius, innovator and a visionary.

When I heard it I was mainly thinking of an old school friend of mine. I’ve lost touch with him for a few years now, but I remember he was devastated when Freddie Mercury died so many years ago, and he’ll be devastated now, because Bowie was his other hero.

Davy, this is for you.

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Authors Answer 9 – Favourite Genres

A new year, another year older (my birthday was just over a week ago) and another Monday. I’ve had a lovely ten-day break over with my parents in the Netherlands, which I spent pigging out on Christmas food, knitting cat hats, baking oliebollen and setting off fireworks. Oh, and watching my brother’s usual attempts at making a Stalin organ out of any type of firework we have more than ten of.

Back to Authors Answer then, and this week’s question is What are your favourite genres to read?

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