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Giveaway now live!

My Goodreads giveaway has been approved and is now live!

Click here to go to it.

There’s some sort of fancy widget thing, but I can’t figure out how to get that to work in a post (tips appreciated).

Anyway, if you like Fantasy and Romance, this is the book for you! And if you don’t believe me, then believe some of the things other people have said:

“This book was everything I could have possibly hoped for and more!” – Lindsey.

“There’s plenty of action, some truly dramatic moments and a scary twist at the end. (…) What about the romance side of things? Short answer – terrific. (…) Kai is one of the most charming heroes I’ve ever encountered, with none of the smug arrogance that so often characterises the male lead these days.” – Pauline.

“I like a series which gets better and better; I am pleased to say this is one of them.” – Anachronist.

“I wasn’t disappointed and it is better than the first. I loved the connection to the first book but you could read this without knowing the characters’ background.” – Wedgie.

I am likely to schedule a Kindle Countdown promotion to coincide with the closing date of this giveaway, for all those hordes of disappointed people *ahem* who would still like to read the book. Watch this space!

Also, as I said yesterday, any reblogs would be very much appreciated.


Lazy Monday post

Technically this should be another 26-Week Book Challenge, but I’ve come to another interlude, and frankly, I cannot be arsed this week. I shall therefore make this a short post with a few announcements that might interest you all.

Firstly, I have just created a Goodreads Giveaway for my second novel, The Conspiracy. It is still at the approval stage, but it will hopefully go live within the next few days. Once it does I’ll put up another post so you can go and sign up for it if you’re interested. I would also very much appreciate any shares/reblogs you are willing to throw at me. The giveaway will be available to people in the USA, Canada and Western Europe. If you live somewhere else then I’m sorry, but I have to post these myself and this book is 600+ pages, so the postage would be through the roof. (It will be anyway to the US and Canada, but I can’t really leave out such a large market.) There will be two copies available.

Secondly, I know I keep going on about how awesome my friend Hillary‘s books are, but I once again have proof that I’m not the only one who thinks so. Please go have a look at this rave review of her second book, The Splintered Eye, on Fantasy Review Barn and then go and buy it.

Oh, you wanted to know this week’s Book Challenge interlude? It was a book turned into a film and completely desecrated. And my simple answer is that I don’t know of any such films. Most book adaptations I remember seeing I have enjoyed, so I can’t start frothing at the mouth about any monstrosities produced by Hollywood.

Back next week with a proper post, I promise.

Please, do take some liberties

Part nineteen in my 26-Week Book Challenge, and this week I’m talking cinema, because the challenge is to name a favourite book that’s been turned into a film. For me that could give a lot of different candidates, but in the end I’ve got one clear winner and one runner-up.

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Dear love triangle, how do I hate thee

This week should be a good topic I hope. I’m on to part 18 of my 26-Week Book Challenge, and this week I will be discussing a book that disappointed me. I should add that in the case of this particular book I went from being disappointed to being downright annoyed with it, but let’s face it, when I dislike something I rarely do it by halves. I should also say that there will very definitely be spoilers for the Hunger Games in this post, so be warned.

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Britishness in books

Another Monday, another entry in my 26-Week Book Challenge. This week is number seventeen, and I am revealing to you my favourite quote from a book, which I’m using as an excuse to talk about how certain books have a clear British feel to them and what I think of that.

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