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Authors Answer 33 – The Writing Process

I get the feeling that this week will be pretty short. Actually, the question even asks you to be: Can you briefly describe your writing process?

Right, at its briefest, my writing process is this: I sit down. I type words.

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Authors Answer 32 – Controversy

Let’s get back to my scheduled Monday, shall I? Things have been a bit hectic at work recently, which has thrown out my routine a bit. I don’t particularly like that – I’m a creature of habit, so big changes make me grumpy. My husband can testify to this – spontaneous outings are not my thing, and I tend to like surprises only if you tell me well in advance that I’m going to get one.

Anyway, this week’s question is a pretty short one: Do you write about any controversial topics?

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Authors Answer 31 – My Project

Oops, I meant to publish this on Sunday, since I was going to be away for a week. I’ve actually come back early, but now this post is late. *sigh*

Anyway, it’s a short one, because essentially it’s just a WiP update. For reference, this week’s official question is What is your current work in progress? What’s it about?

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Authors Answer 30 – The Validity of Fanfiction

Yes, I’m two days late. Monday was a bank holiday and yesterday… Let’s not talk about yesterday.

Number 30 already! And this one is a subject quite close to my heart: What do you think of fanfiction as a writing medium? Do you think it has credibility despite the subject matter?

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