Authors Answer 57 – Stop Asking me that Question!

You know, I think I may have actually caught up! I’m checking the AA index on Jay Dee Archer’s blog, and the original post for this one was posted on 4 December 2015. Seeing as it’s the 5th today, that’s good enough for me to declare myself up to date.

Unfortunately that’s about as good as it gets, because I don’t have a huge amount to say about this week’s question.

This week’s question is quite meta, really: What is one question you hate answering about your writing that acquaintances ask you?

And the true answer is that I can’t think of any. Usually the first question is along the lines of ‘what is it about’, which really is a natural thing to ask, and I don’t mind it. My answer is usually ‘it’s a romance in a fantasy setting’, which should be enough for most people to decide whether it might be up their street or not. In most cases it’s probably a not, since no further questions are forthcoming.

Actually, after I published my first book, the one comment that tended to strike terror into my heart was a random colleague at work bumping into me and saying ‘Oh, I bought your book!’ This is mainly because said colleagues were invariably male, and on one occasion said male was the IT Director. Generally, my best stammered response to that has been ‘Oh, thank you, that’s great, but I should warn you that you are probably not what I would consider my target audience…’

Seriously, the thought that the IT Director would spend his evenings reading my explicit sex scenes was a bit too much to take.

These days I’m far more jaded about the whole thing. I write sex, and pretty much everyone I know knows this by now. I’ve had several colleagues tell me they’ve read my book, and they enjoyed it. They may just have been saying that not to hurt my feelings, but that’s fine by me.

Let’s see if next week’s AA is going to be on time…



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