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Authors Answer – A Look at 2016

Well, this should be easy. What are my plans for the new year for writing?

And yes, I do actually have plans for the new year. Whether they’re going to happen is anyone’s guess, but I certainly intend to try.

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Authors Answer 7 – Christmas Gifts

I guess it’s just as well that I’ve started doing this pretty much a year after Jay Dee started it, or I’d be blogging about Christmas gifts in February or something. Not that it makes it easier to answer this question, because I can’t even think of what Christmas presents I want myself, let alone a generic ‘writer’.

For the record, the question is: What would be the perfect gift for a writer?

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Authors Answer 6 – Author Mistakes

Woops, I got sidetracked a bit trying to come up with things I want for Christmas, which gets harder each year. I’m lucky enough that I do not lack for anything, and my husband and I have always kept Christmas pretty modest (no £200 gifts for us), so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to think of things I don’t have already.

Anyway, on to this week’s question, which is Which mistake or bad habit is the most difficult to stop doing?

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