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Authors Answer 37 – Beta Readers

I nearly managed to catch up last week! Just one extra post this week and I’m good. I should be able to do that, surely?

The next question is pretty straightforward, anyway: Do you use beta readers? How many?

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Authors Answer 35 – Movie Tie-in Novels

This is quite an interesting question, though I don’t really have much to say about it. I would have had, if I’d continued to misread it like I initially did, but the actual question is this: How do you feel about movie novelisations? (So not ‘how do you feel about movies based on a novel’?)

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Authors Answer 34 – Writing Software

Goodness, I’ve got some catching up to do! I’ve been away on holiday for two weeks (which was lovely) and then got sent away for work again (which wasn’t so lovely), and then I had a small operation several days ago (which was even less lovely). But I’m back, I’m on the mend, and I can get back to posting again.

Or I could, if the three-day English summer hadn’t just made its appearance. It’s been around 27 degrees today, and tomorrow it’ll be even hotter, apparently.

To be fair, this question is a short one anyway.

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