A Shire Romance

ASRimgA Shire Romance was the first full-length novel I ever wrote, clocking in at a modest 75,000 or so words. It was badly edited, but I managed to fob it off on a bunch of colleagues and friends who all liked the story, so I figured I’d share it here with a (possibly) larger audience. I am cleaning it up as I go through it, so the editing will be better this time round, though it will still be a rough and ready version.

I’ve always summarised this story to people as Mills & Boon with a hobbit twist (for American readers that should say Harlequin with a hobbit twist). If you like it, please leave a comment or (even better) share it with your friends. This story will remain completely free.

NEW: Now with added review!

This is the original cover art.

Part One – How it all began

Part Two – Perry

Part Three – A kiss (or two)

Part Four – Perry’s family

Part Five – Hobbit psychology

Part Six – Cooking for hobbits

Part Seven – Dinner and roses

Part Eight – Judo

Part Nine – The melon patch

Part Ten – The White Tree

Part Eleven – A chat with Faramir

Part Twelve – Radagast’s explanation

Part Thirteen – Desire

Part Fourteen – Sword practice

Part Fifteen – Alderick’s party

Part Sixteen – Trouble

Part Seventeen – Aftermath

Part Eighteen – The story of Isadora Bolger

Part Nineteen – One night together

Part Twenty – Goodbye to the Shire

Part Twenty-one – Back in England

Part Twenty-two – Catch-up

Part Twenty-three – Trouble ahead

Part Twenty-four – The board meeting

Part Twenty-five – Radagast’s magic

Part Twenty-six – Now what?

Part Twenty-seven – Tamsyn’s plan

Part Twenty-eight – Back to the Shire

Part Twenty-nine – Reunion

Part Thirty – Welcome back

Part Thirty-one – The wedding



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