Authors Answer 58 – Author Online Hangouts

This looks to be a short post, because I’m about as socially active online as I am in the real world, which means not very active at all. I am also an arrogant sod who mistrusts any advice that comes from total strangers. Why should they know better than me?

Anyway, the question: What are some online forums or websites you use to have discussions with other authors?

Basically, these days, none whatsoever. It takes too much time and effort to cultivate relationships with total strangers for no return whatsoever. I do not recall that I’ve had a single piece of advice that I’ve used, and any sales I got initially dried up very soon.

That said, I did enjoy for a while to hang around on the Fantasy Faction forums, which are frequented by a mostly very nice bunch of people, and which has an internal system of up- and downvoting which quickly identifies annoying trolls. They are also very welcoming to indie and self-published writers, with a forum specifically set up for it.

Also useful, but to a lesser extent (mainly due to the sheer volume of different topical forums and users) are the Goodreads forums. I think Goodreads forums can be useful, if you manage to find the right one among the hundreds of thousands that are there. Regardless of that, I would advise any self-published writer to have a presence on there, as I’ve got more reviews on Goodreads than anywhere else (certainly Amazon).

That’s about it really. Maybe other authors have more places for you to go – just check out the original post on this topic.

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