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Bible Project – Unintended Aftermath Part Three

Oh dear God I’ve had enough of religion. I just want to get this over with and write the post on polyamory that I’ve been mulling about for a while now. If this post feels rushed, it’s because I’m fed up with talking about other people’s imaginary friend in the sky.

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Bible Project – Unintended Aftermath Part Two

So, two weeks ago I left you with the JW assertion that the Bible is both scientifically and historically accurate, which I found quite hilarious. Let’s now delve a little further into just how deluded and annoying this little booklet can be.

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Bible Project – Unintended Aftermath Part One

After the disappointing bore-fest that my Bible-reading project has proven to be, I was looking forward to going back to enjoyable literature. (And to that effect I have this morning started re-reading Robin Hobb’s Assassin trilogy. Ahh, bliss!) Unfortunately I appear to have a streak of masochism I wasn’t aware of.

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Bible Project Part 29 – Revelation 11 to 22

Let’s give this Bible book its proper name this week, shall we? And in this last part of my project (hurray!) I’ll also mention what some of you may have noticed, which is my capitalisation throughout. At some point in school, or possibly just through observation I was taught that when talking about God and the Bible, both should be capitalised. God because, well, He is God and the Bible because it’s a holy book. Do I believe this? I think you can probably answer that if you’ve read the previous 28 blog posts in this project. So why do I still consistently capitalise? A combination of habit and a deeply ingrained adherence to the rules. The rules say that God and Bible must be capitalised, just as ‘I’ should always be capitalised in English*, so that’s what I do.

*And ever since I was first taught that rule in school I found it the most egotistical thing I could possibly imagine. German capitalises the polite word for ‘you’ to show respect, but English is all ‘look at how important I am! Respect my authoritah!’

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Bible Project Part 27 – 1 James 1 to 3 John

I’m nearly at the end! Wohoo! This week I cover the last few tiny booklets before the biggie that is Revelations. I’m hoping I won’t need more than one week to read that, but we’ll see.

It looks like I won’t be quite done with all things biblical after that, as I have another little treasure to work through: What Does the Bible Really Teach? It’s a mini-book I picked up from the Jehovah’s Witnesses who are picketing the pavement between my bus stop and my workplace once a week. They look very friendly, always smiling, and they don’t actually approach you – they just stand there invitingly holding out their little books. So last week I accepted one. And restrained myself from asking ‘So what does the Bible really teach? Because all it’s taught me so far is an unhealthy obsession with foreskins.’

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Bible Project Part 26 – 1 Timothy 1 to Hebrews 13

Goodness, I have nearly two pages of notes this week! Normally I don’t manage more than about one page of highly scribbly, often almost unintelligible script (buses really don’t make for the best writing tables), but I clearly had a lot to say this week. Also, this week’s theme appears to be superlative bafflement.

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