Bible Project Part 17 – Ezekiel 41 to Joel 3

So I’m back after my hiatus, caused by my sister coming to visit for a week. It’s been good fun, even if the week included shopping, a shrew in my freezer (don’t ask), more shopping, a manky foot, even more shopping, tea and scones and yes, still more shopping.

I should add that I detest shopping.

Still, I’ve managed to get a few things I needed, so it was worth it. Plus I got to see my sister again, which doesn’t happen very often what with us living in different countries.

Anyway, on to this week’s reading, and it looks like this will be a biggie…

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Book 3 Live, Book 1 Free!

Erica Dakin:

If you’re a fan of solid epic fantasy, check this out!

Originally posted on The War of Memory Project:

promo2To celebrate The Living Throne‘s launch, I’m running a few free days on book 1, The Light of Kerrindryr.  It’s a series, y’know?  You have to start with number one!

(Well, certain people would argue that you could start with number two, The Splintered Eye, as it’s quicker-paced and more action-oriented, and then go back to book 1 as a sort of prequel, but….but….that’s not the right order!)

Thanks to all of you who have supported me this far!

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Bible Project Part 16 – Ezekiel 10 to 40

Yes, I’m still in Ezekiel. Not only is this one of the longer Bible books, each chapter is also longer than in previous books. And while on the whole this has remained an interesting book, this week it hasn’t quite reached the awesome heights of the throne of God carried by the four-faced, four-winged angels and their eye-rimmed wheels.

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Quick reminder: FREE and discounted books!

Just a quick reminder to you all that my first novel, The Ritual, is currently available for FREE (Kindle only), while my second novel is half price. Both special offers will last until Sunday.

Links are in the top right hand corner of this page.

Bible Project Part 14 – Isaiah 35 to Jeremiah 19

I’m hitting a bit of a low spot in my Bible Project. Frequent readers of this blog may say that the low spot started more or less in Genesis, but I’m really struggling at the moment. Why? Because Isaiah and Jeremiah are just so endlessly boring and repetitive. Which is saying a lot, considering the Bible is nothing but repetition.

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