Bible Project Part 23 – Acts 27 to Romans 16

A fairly short section this week, since I spent two days at another office, so my bag was an overnight one rather than my usual work bag, hence no Bible reading.

When I left off last week, the Acts of the Apostles had turned into The Ongoing Tales of Paul’s Preaching, but I guess that was too catchy for the Bible. After the Acts we move on to the Epistle to the Romans. In Dutch it is De Brief van Paulus aan de Romeinen, which means ‘the letter from Paul to the Romans’.

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Kindle Unlimited Math with KENPC

Erica Dakin:

About a month ago, Amazon announced changes in the royalty distribution for the Kindle Unlimited program, and people complained. I wasn’t complaining to start with, but I’m definitely not now that I’ve read this extremely comprehensive breakdown of what difference it will make. For me personally, with three fairly hefty tomes to my name, this is an amazing improvement on my royalty returns.

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I will address a variety of Kindle Unlimited math in this article:

  • Just how does $0.0058 per page compare with the old system?
  • Interpreting the value of pages read.
  • How to figure out what your royalty is from your KENPC.
  • Understanding the KENP read in your reports.
  • Projecting what you will earn in July.
  • How to make a spreadsheet to do the math for your KDP Select books.

If you haven’t read Hugh Howey’s take on the new Kindle Unlimited policy, you should. The analysis is amazing, includes several excellent points that I haven’t read elsewhere, and even has proactive suggestions for illustrated children’s authors. Hugh Howey’s article (featuring math by author Susan Kaye Quinn), makes similar comparisons between the new and old Kindle Unlimited royalties and interpretation of the value of the projected $0.0058 per page.


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Bible Project Part 22 – Acts 1 to 26

I’m not entirely sure how to start this week. I’ve said before that the New Testament is pretty much new territory to me, but what I wasn’t expecting is how much it’s pissing me off. I knew I’d be annoyed at the Old Testament because God’s a dick, but the NT is annoying me for completely different reasons.

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Bible Project Part 21 – Luke 21 to John 21

Hi, I’m back after my absolutely gorgeous holiday in northern Italy. Would happily go back there tomorrow if I could, but unfortunately I’m still not a millionaire and will therefore still be required to work for my money. Boo.

As I’d hoped, I finished the last of the four Gospels before I went on holiday, I just never got round to posting about it.

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An Open Letter to EL James

Hello Erika. Can I call you Erika? I kind of don’t want to because I keep having to correct myself, but I suppose it’s not your fault that your parents didn’t know the right spelling of Erica.

Anyway, I feel compelled to write to you, two days after the debut of your new ‘novel’, Grey. What, why the quotation marks, you ask? I figured it was obvious, but I am as hesitant to call your latest work a novel as I am to call you a writer. Yes, it is a collection of words available for sale, and you put words on (virtual) paper, but to me the words ‘novel’ and ‘writer’ still imply a certain amount of quality, which is sadly lacking from your output.

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Bible Project Part 19 – Matthew 1 to Mark 12

A new Testament, a new challenge! Also a new world, because beyond 1 Corinthians 13 (and the bit I apparently read to a bunch of old people in an old people’s home back when I was five) I’ve never read any part of the New Testament. Jesus just never really interested me, I was more into the Old Testament’s smiting.

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