Authors Answer 55 & 56

Late, late, I’m always late! This week hasn’t been very good so far. Well, Monday was – I didn’t post because I was out for a lovely steak with my husband’s family. I would have caught up on Tuesday, except it took me over two hours to get home from work (normally around 45-50 minutes, stupid traffic!) and I was rushing for the rest of the evening. Then I suppose I could have caught up yesterday, except I had to catch up on Masterchef instead.

Priorities, people.

So, what two questions do I get this week? Interesting ones again, but Christ the first one is hard: If your stories were going to be made into a movie or TV-series, who would you like to act as one of your main characters?

Seriously, this is hard. Not in the least because I watch very little television, so I’m not even remotely up to date on the hot new young actors, and the actors I do know and like are mostly 40 and over, which doesn’t work for my protagonists, who are around mid-twenties.

If could have a time machine, then Michael Praed would absolutely work for Zashter, because I pretty much modeled Zash’s looks on Michael. I modeled Kai’s hairstyle on River Phoenix in Young Indiana Jones, but looking at him now his face is a little too moody for him to have been a good Kai. I really like Daniel Radcliffe, but his face is too blocky for any of my men. Matthew Lewis might work for Miko, because damn, Neville Longbottom sure did grow up handsome. I’m just not sure how he’d look with long hair.

As for the women – I actually really like Jennifer Lawrence, but I don’t think blonde suits her, so she couldn’t be Sita. She’d probably make a good Chiarin though. Emma Watson might actually work as Aya, and she’s another actress I really love. Natalie Dormer might actually be a good Sita, as long as she doesn’t do that smirky thing with her mouth.

Picky? Me? Never.

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AA56 takes a very different tack: Apart from writing fiction, do you do any other creative works?

I don’t do it much these days, but I’d love to have the time to pick it up again: drawing. Actually, what I’d really like to learn is watercolour painting, but it is simply finding the time. My dad does pretty decent watercolours, and I know I have some talent, I just need to develop it. With regards to drawings, I am excellent at copying. I have produced a number of absolutely awesome copies of Elfquest images, one of which graces my computer room wall. It’s a picture of Strongbow and Nightfall, which I am still immensely proud of.

Aside from that I do some embroidering, but that is cross-stitch patterns, so you have to wonder how creative that really is. I’ve also just started building a model boat kit, which my brother gifted to me since he sells the kits. They’re actually quite awesome, he’s designed them himself from nothing but pictures and old build descriptions. For anyone interested in boat-building, check out his website (designed by my nephew!).

For other people’s creative endeavours, check out the original post on Jay Dee’s blog.


3 thoughts on “Authors Answer 55 & 56

    1. Erica Dakin Post author

      I must admit I haven’t got that far yet myself! I got a bit discouraged when everything diversified and lots of other artists came in, because some were of rather questionable talent, in my opinion. I’ll have to pick it up again sometime!


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