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Title envy

I have mentioned before that I am terrible at thinking up titles, as is probably evident from the rather bland titles of my novels. I am envious of people like my friend Hillary, who doesn’t just come up with kick-ass titles for her books, but manages to name every chapter as well. If I had to do that I’d probably end up curled up in a corner, weeping quietly. So today’s entry in my 26-Week Book Challenge is one where my own work will never merit even an honorary mention: my favourite title.

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Review: Holiday in Death – J D Robb

  • Title: Holiday in Death
  • Author: J D Robb
  • Genre: Futuristic Murder Mystery Romance
  • Why: I intend to read the whole series.
  • Rating: 5 Stars


No one likes to be alone during the holidays. And for New York’s most posh dating service, Personally Yours, it is the season to bring lonely hearts together. But Lieutenant Eve Dallas, on the trail of a ritualistic serial killer, has made a disturbing discovery: All of the killer’s victims have been traced to Personally Yours. As the murders continue, Eve enters an elite world of people searching for their one true love – and a killer searching for his next victim. A world where the power of love leads men and women into the ultimate act of betrayal…

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Guilty pleasures?

Hmm, I’ve just checked my 26-Week Book Challenge list and discovered that I have nearly as many interludes left as ‘proper’ posts, so I think I’ll alternate them for a few weeks. I’m now on week 24, so this week I will tell you why I will not be giving you a guilty pleasure or a book that I’m embarrassed about.

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Review: Sorcerer’s Knot – Tali Spencer

  • Title: Sorcerer’s Knot
  • Author: Tali Spencer
  • Genre: Fantasy Romance
  • Why: I liked Thick as Thieves so wanted to check out another book by this author
  • Rating: 4 Stars

Description: In a world where pleasure unlocks even the best-guarded magic, Cian has a long list of magical talents—and an even longer list of sorcerers he slept with to acquire them. He even seduced a dragon. There’s just one arcane power left for him to master: command over the sea. Now Cian has learned where to find Muir the Scarred, the only man known to have mastered that power—and he is determined to wrest it from him by whatever means necessary.

But completing the task isn’t so easy. First, Cian’s boat is wrecked on the shores of Muir’s desolate island. Then he learns an enchantment will keep him there forever. And when he tries to seduce Muir, he finds himself being seduced by the mysterious sorcerer instead. But the source of the power Cian seeks is also trapped on the island, and it will stop at nothing to break free, even if that means forcing pleasure—and magic—from Cian’s unwilling body.

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I’m running out of ways to start these posts. It’s always a bit of a struggle to come up with a paragraph that’s long enough to function as a good opening while at the same time not giving away the subject of the post. Well, other than the title, of course, but since I suck at titles they don’t necessarily cover what I ramble on about. So anyway, this is part 23 of my 26-Week Book Challenge, and this week I’m covering a book that changed my opinion about something.

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The strange world of recommendations

I am now at part 22 of my 26-Week Book Challenge. As I have pointed out before, due to various planned interludes I actually have another 15 weeks to go rather than four, but in my head it all made sense at the time.

Today’s post will be a bit odd, since technically I already wrote it a long time ago. This is because today’s topic is an author you wish people would read more often, and that author is Jack Vance.

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Another WiP update

Seeing as there are some people who have asked me recently, I figured I’d give another update on The Coup, my current Work in Progress and part three in the Theft and Sorcery trilogy.

Progress is still slower than I’d like it to be, but that’s largely my own fault. I keep procrastinating, so I rarely get more than 1000 words on the page in one day. More often it’s anywhere between 500 and 1000, and there are (too many) days when I don’t write anything at all.

That said, I have now got twelve chapters in my first draft, for a total word count of around the 77k mark. I still cannot say how many chapters the book will eventually end up with, but my best stick-a-wet-finger-in-the-air guess is around eighteen or nineteen. I could be completely wrong, because I’ve got to the point in my outline which says ‘arrival in Tizar, regroup’, and after that my outline just says MORE STUFF, WAH!

As you can see, my outlines are in themselves minor works of literary genius.

For all that the progress is slow, I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got so far, and my alpha reader/editor also seems pretty happy. I value her opinion, so I’m optimistic that the final result will be worth reading. I keep wanting to post a teaser snippet, but there’s still a really big thing that I’m trying to keep a secret, so I kinda can’t.

Oh, and the most important part: there has been sex, wohoo! My main characters have now well and truly got laid, so that’s the main part of my mission accomplished. Now I just have to achieve the happily ever after…