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Authors Answer 16 – Writer’s Resources

Ooh, this will be a bad one. What are your favourite online resources/websites for writers?

The truthful answer is that outside of Wikipedia for research purposes (yes, I’m very lazy) I don’t really have any. For a while I spent a lot of time on Goodreads, trawling the boards of a few specific groups, and I spent a fair amount of time on the message boards for Fantasy Faction, but that’s long since died a quiet death.

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Authors Answer 15 – The Influence of Media

Aieee, what on earth am I supposed to answer to this week’s question? I’ll modify it to apply to my solo blogging of this series, but the question is: You write prose fiction in an era that has an astounding variety of storytelling media. Has your writing been significally influenced by any works of newer media?

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Authors Answer 14 – Genesis of a Story

Typing is a little difficult tonight, as my lap is entirely taken up by my poor sick cat. Normally I’d shoo her off, since it’s bloody hard to type over a cat without disturbing it, but tonight I haven’t the heart.

So with that said, let’s dive into this week’s very interesting question: When coming up with a new story, what comes first, the character or the plot?

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