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Bible Project Part 10 – 2 Chronicles 35 to Job 42

This week I finally wrested my way out of the Chronicles, then through a number of short books and the borefest that is Job.

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Bible Project Part 9 – 1 Chronicles 11 to 2 Chronicles 34

Ayieeee, I’m still on the damn Chronicles! God, I need coffee…

*scuttles off*

Ahh, that’s better. Right, let’s get through this. Last week I elaborated on the overdose of confusion served up by the start of the Chronicles, and this week it’s only got worse. Continue reading


If any of you are following the blog of my friend and editor Hillary, you’ll have noticed her recent post where she went wild on an Anime portrait generator. Now, I am not particularly obsessive about creating portraits for my characters, but I do like the overall look of anime, and there is something inherently pleasing about pissing about with mouths, eyes, clothes and – best of all – hairstyles, so I had a go as well.

Before I show you the result, however, I must mention that I possess some excellent portraits of all my main characters, which I commissioned from an extremely talented Norwegian artist called Linn Standal. You can check out her art on deviantart, tumblr or visit her portrait adoption page.

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Bible Project Part 8 – 2 Kings 3 to 1 Chronicles 9

Onwards we plod, and with sadness in my heart I will have to say goodbye to The Brick Testament for a while. The site is ongoing, and as far as the Old Testament goes, the only thing available after King Solomon is Job, which is a few books away for me yet. I would make a joke about how the site’s creator is probably still working on setting up the scene for Solomon sacrificing 22,000 cows, but no, that bit is actually on there (last image of that section).

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In Memoriam – Terry Pratchett

Like me, many of you will have been saddened at the news of the death of Terry Pratchett yesterday. Anyone who has read this blog regularly will know that to me the man was a hero and an inspiration. He had a rare talent for mixing humour with a sharp insight into the world in general, and several of his Discworld novels will forever remain on my ‘books I really, really, really love’ list.

I won’t say anything else, because most of it I’ve said before in several other posts. For reference I’ve posted some links below.

The Curse of the Strong Female

Change is the Only Constant in Life

Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More?


Bible Project Part 7 – 1 Kings 1 to 2 Kings 2

Teehee, I just noticed my reading span for this week, and I swear it’s total coincidence. Anyway, I fear that this week’s blog post is going to be fairly short, because my entire week’s worth of notes spans only two thirds of a page in my notebook.

Then again, when I start ranting I usually can’t stop, so let’s see. As always I will refer to The Brick Testament at regular intervals, so you can see these marvellous stories in awesome Lego.

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Book Three Finished!

My one week blog post hiatus has paid off! I’ve now finally finished the second draft of my third book. I consider that finished, because all I now need to do is await the comments from my beta readers and tweak as necessary, which will hopefully be minor stuff only.

So, the vital statistics:

Total number of words: 117,602. This is about 7k less than The Ritual, making it my shortest book in the trilogy. Still, not that much shorter (and The Conspiracy is, admittedly, a total doorstop) and I have far exceeded the expectations I had when I first started.

Total chapters: eighteen, plus a prologue and an epilogue. This is the first book with a prologue, and I was initially not going to have an epilogue. I might still ditch it, depending on what my betas say.

Average chapter length: 6431 words (not counting the pro- and epilogue, which are both very short). To my standard, that’s pretty short. To compare: average chapters in The Ritual were 7700 words and in The Conspiracy 7000 words. This probably has a lot to do with my editor really pushing me to strip the unnecessary shit. Hopefully my prose will be a lot more tight and polished in this book.

Watch this space for a publishing date!