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Authors Answer 44 & 45 – Changing Genre & Real World Influences

I’m still one week behind, so I’m going to cheat and bundle the next two questions into one. The answer is pretty much the same for both of them anyway.

I’ll start with 45, which is: It’s the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001. How much do major world events influence your writing?

The answer is not at all. Even if I didn’t write fantasy, I think I wouldn’t want to include things like that, but it’s moot because I’ll never write any big political drama based on real-life events. I’d be shit at it.

Which then leaves question 44, which is: Would you ever consider writing in a genre outside your scope if you thought it would give you a better chance of exposure/financial gain?

No, I wouldn’t. Aside from the fact that, again, I’d probably be shit at it, even I am not that cynical. Call me a traditionalist, but people should write because they love to write, not because they want to rake in cash. Raking in cash is a wonderful side-effect if you’re lucky, but i’m not going to churn out dinosaur porn just because I want to be rich.

Besides, technically I write in the single most popular genre on the planet: romance. Trust me to scupper my own chances by mixing that with fantasy, which doesn’t appear to be that popular a combination…

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Authors Answer 17 – Writing Influences

I like this series, but a lot of the questions are either very similar to things I have already done before, or to another question in the Authors Answer line-up. This week’s question is What authors, styles or intellectual movements have most influenced your writing?

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Authors Answer 15 – The Influence of Media

Aieee, what on earth am I supposed to answer to this week’s question? I’ll modify it to apply to my solo blogging of this series, but the question is: You write prose fiction in an era that has an astounding variety of storytelling media. Has your writing been significally influenced by any works of newer media?

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Likes, Loves and Influences: Tanith Lee

Today it is time for the third part in my love letters to authors, and my subject is Tanith Lee. I’m not sure how well known she is these days, but I’m trying to do this more or less chronologically, and Tanith Lee is an author who has kept me company throughout much of my teenage years.

This is the part where I curse my unreliable long-term memory, because I cannot for the life of me remember how I actually came into possession of her books. They just always seemed to be there. However, I’m pretty sure that the first ever book I read by her was Volkhavaar.

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