Authors Answer – A Look at 2016

Well, this should be easy. What are my plans for the new year for writing?

And yes, I do actually have plans for the new year. Whether they’re going to happen is anyone’s guess, but I certainly intend to try.

To start with I hope to finish off my current project, which is my erotic short story collection. Things have been on the backburner for the past week or two due to a combination of work fatigue (I’m so ready for the Christmas break!), Masterchef and adding two more languages to the six I was learning already (Russian and Turkish). In the new year I’ll hopefully be able to get back to it with renewed vigour.

While we’re talking about that I might as well give a WiP update on it. The total tally so far is eight completed stories and the ninth under way, with a combined word count of just over 57K words. Once I finish this one I have at least one more to write, but there is one other story I may yet crowbar in along the middle somewhere, and I’ve got a vague idea for a coda. On the whole the word count will still fall well short of 100K, but personally I think 75K words of sex is pretty good going.

Please don’t get your hopes up just yet though, because all stories still need editing, which may take a while.

Once I finish all that, and I do hope it will be sometime in the first half of the year, I hope to finally start on my collaborative project with the wonderful H Anthe Davis, which is our steampunk-flavoured, Indiana Jones-type action adventure book. We’ll kick things off with a short story prequel though, in which our hero, Ailric Rischer, meets his sidekick, Pacolo Rabayat. If everything with Ailric happens the way I hope it will, this should become a series. All of that is, of course, dependent not just on me, but on Hillary as well, but Ailric has been living in my head for a while now, and I hope he’ll become a good, solid main character for people to love and root for.

That’s pretty much it! I’m sure that’ll keep me plenty busy in the new year.

Original post is here, though that of course covers what everyone plans to do in 2015. Go ahead and see how much of it was achieved!


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