Giveaway now live!

My Goodreads giveaway has been approved and is now live!

Click here to go to it.

There’s some sort of fancy widget thing, but I can’t figure out how to get that to work in a post (tips appreciated).

Anyway, if you like Fantasy and Romance, this is the book for you! And if you don’t believe me, then believe some of the things other people have said:

“This book was everything I could have possibly hoped for and more!” – Lindsey.

“There’s plenty of action, some truly dramatic moments and a scary twist at the end. (…) What about the romance side of things? Short answer – terrific. (…) Kai is one of the most charming heroes I’ve ever encountered, with none of the smug arrogance that so often characterises the male lead these days.” – Pauline.

“I like a series which gets better and better; I am pleased to say this is one of them.” – Anachronist.

“I wasn’t disappointed and it is better than the first. I loved the connection to the first book but you could read this without knowing the characters’ background.” – Wedgie.

I am likely to schedule a Kindle Countdown promotion to coincide with the closing date of this giveaway, for all those hordes of disappointed people *ahem* who would still like to read the book. Watch this space!

Also, as I said yesterday, any reblogs would be very much appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Giveaway now live!

  1. tktrian

    Reblogged this on T. K. Trian's Literary World and commented:
    Erica Dakin is giving away free gems! Check this out and get yourself a copy of The Conspiracy; romantic adventuring and adventurous romancing laced with kick-ass action. (yes, we’re reading this novel right now, so not talking out of our asses here either!)


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