Authors Answer 34 – Writing Software

Goodness, I’ve got some catching up to do! I’ve been away on holiday for two weeks (which was lovely) and then got sent away for work again (which wasn’t so lovely), and then I had a small operation several days ago (which was even less lovely). But I’m back, I’m on the mend, and I can get back to posting again.

Or I could, if the three-day English summer hadn’t just made its appearance. It’s been around 27 degrees today, and tomorrow it’ll be even hotter, apparently.

To be fair, this question is a short one anyway.

What software do you recommend for writing books?

And really, I’m totally the wrong person to ask. I use Word, and that’s it. I’ve heard of Scrivener as being a good writer’s tool, for those of us who have reams and reams of notes and research and bits and bobs they need to keep track of, but I have none of that stuff. I have one master document I write in. When it comes to the second draft that gets the tag ‘old’ and I start writing in a new master document. Any bits I want to ditch but maybe still keep get dumped in another document, usually called ‘bits’ or ‘random bits’ or something else vague like that. Any side information I need to keep track of I stick in yet another document called ‘useful info’ or something else that makes sense to me.

I also deliberately use an old version of Word (2003 to be precise) because newer versions get far too ‘clever’ and – above all – pushy about special features and automated formatting and other shit that I never asked for and get incredibly irritated about.

So, Word. That works fine for me.

I’m going to try and catch up over the next few days, but let’s see what the weather does before I make any promises.

Original post on Jay Dee’s blog can be found here.


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