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Authors Answer 77 & 78

Yep, a double entry again. Do I have an excuse for missing last week? Not really. Technically I can blame the cat, who decided to jump on my lap just as I was starting to think about doing my blog post (and it’s impossible to type with a fat cat on your lap), but the truth is it just didn’t happen.

AA 77 is an interesting question though: How do you choose character names?

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My love-affair with names

Okay, that’s maybe a bit overly dramatic, but I didn’t want to use the old ‘what’s in a name’ cliche. The truth of the matter is that one of the (many) reasons why I love Fantasy is that authors can go all out with names. Fantasy novels don’t have protagonists called John Smith or Kate Jones who travel to the city of Boston, or other boring everyday names you can see and hear anywhere. In fact, if a Fantasy novel uses really boring names I am always rather disappointed.

That said, names can be a tricksy thing too. For every easy-to-remember Frodo there will be a complicated Laurelindorinan, and when you use unfamiliar names it makes it just that little bit more difficult for your reader to remember them. This is why most Fantasy novels come with a big list of names at the back: just so you can keep track of who is who and where they came from.

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