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Authors Answer 75 – Re-imagining Fairy Tales

This week’s question is really interesting, and for the first time I’m sitting here wishing I didn’t write these on the fly, but had instead prepared for it, because I don’t think I can really come up with a good and proper answer without thoroughly mulling it over first.

For the record, the question is this: If you could take any fairy tale and rewrite it as a full-length novel, which would it be and how would you change it to suit your style?

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Twisted Fairytale

For this week’s post I’m going to recycle an old story. Going by the date on the document I wrote it in 2002, for the Elfquest fanholt I was a member of. There will be some tweaks in this version, but in essence it is the same story I wrote then.

First some background: Rock, the protagonist in this story, is a Wolfrider. Wolfriders are elves, but they have a dash of wolf blood which gives them some wolf characteristics, such as enhanced smell and hearing and a tendency to react like a wolf might in certain circumstances. It also makes them shorter than ‘normal’ elves, so Rock is somewhere between four and five feet tall (but perfectly proportioned, of course). Wolfriders have descriptive names, which is why this one is called Rock. Culturally they are hunter-gatherers, and humans are to be approached with caution, since most of them are hostile to elves.

I should probably also add that Rock is a bit of a lothario (which isn’t uncommon in the Elfquest universe).

This story is a crossover, and I should give credit to Marten Toonder (a famous Dutch cartoonist) for coming up with the original idea; I merely hijacked it for my own purposes.

I originally published this story on Rushwater Holt under the title Fairy Tales a Go-Go.

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