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Editing in action – part three

A week ago I gave a detailed, blow-by-blow account of how the first part of my Prologue went from First Draft status to Second-Draft-after-the-nitpick. Today’s post takes a closer look at the second half of my prologue, which is where things get really tricky.

No, really. The reason for this is that while I’ve still got the first draft, I’ve now overwritten the second-draft-before-the-nitpick version. This was a bit silly, I know, but I’m not much for saving stuff that I’m not actually going to use. I’ve been able to salvage some from e-mails (yay for editing through Googledocs!) but not all of it. Still, it’ll probably make this post a lot less waffly, so let’s crack on anyway!

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Editing in action – part one

I have started on the full rewrite of my third novel, now that the first draft is finished, and I got the idea that it might be interesting to give an insight into the rewriting/editing process that me and my friend Hillary use. Our working methods are pretty similar, mainly because I’ve adopted her way of working, which suits me quite well. In essence, I write a first draft, of which every chapter is sent to Hillary as soon as I finish it for her first impressions. Any comments she gives me are stored away for use in the rewrite (usually in my head, though I’ve started to actually write them down. I rely far too much on my memory sometimes).

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Some bits of news

So, people have been very busy this weekend! To start with, my last beta reader informed me yesterday that she’s finished book two, hurray! This means that I now have to get serious about the editing if I want to be finished before the end of the month. I’m getting her feedback on Friday, which will determine what (if any) amendments I need to make in the last few chapters. I’ve got a few rewrites to do for a few other chapters, but hopefully that won’t be too much of a problem.

More excitingly, Jian (who I guest posted for earlier this week) has managed to get one of his stories, Radio Silence, published as a serial, which is awesome news. You can find more information about it on his blog. Please go check it out, and if you like it vote for it so he gets paid as well.

Thirdly, my friend’s book (for which I reblogged the teaser chapter yesterday) has now hit the actual publishing stage. The cover looks awesome, and I urge everyone who likes epic fantasy to check this book out because it’s brilliant. I’ll share the link as soon as I get it.

Exciting times!