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Authors Answer 73 – Random Entry

Yes, I’m going to give this week’s AA a miss. Why? Well, the question is this: Jay Dee is moving to Canada in less than a week. In the voice of one of your characters, how would they describe a nine hour flight from Japan to Canada?

Given that I am a year behind on all these AAs, this is not particularly relevant anymore, plus my characters live in a Fantasy world. I would either have to come up with some sort of cross-over story where they are utterly bewildered at being in a big metal tube, or I have to pretend that this might be normal to them. I’m not up to either challenge at present. Instead, I’ll give some random ramblings about my personal experience of moving to a different country.

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Authors Answer 72 – Writing Targets

I could have sworn it was only two weeks ago that Turkish was doing my head in. This confused me, because I do a total of twelve languages at three languages per day, so mathematically it made no sense whatsoever to be at the same language after only fourteen days. Except it was 28 days, which does make sense, mathematically.

And I’m still getting nowhere with Turkish, but hey. On to today’s question!

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Authors Answer 71 – Standalone or Series?

I am a day late, but this week that was deliberate. I was waiting for the result of a job interview, and yesterday I didn’t have it yet. Next week it would be old news, so I waited until today, which enables me to announce that I was successful!

Whilst this is good news, all it basically means is that I keep the job I was already doing on temporary promotion, so I’m not suddenly getting bucketloads more money. Alas!

Anyway, after that public service announcement, over to this week’s question.

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Authors Answer 69 & 70

Missed a week again, so double post today! Yet another family visit got in the way. I’ve also been feeling shit, but that’s no excuse because frankly, I’m still feeling shit. I hate having a cold I can’t seem to shift. At the moment I’m living on hot toddies and liquorice (or, when at work, coffee, since I’m not really allowed to slip some whisky into anything I drink at work).

Anyway, that’s all by the by – let’s have a look at this week’s questions!

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Authors Answer 68 – Authors research the strangest things

Turkish is doing my head in.

Okay, I know I am voluntarily learning Turkish, and I’m not going to give up, but jesus, it’ll be some years yet before I can hold a conversation in Turkish.

Does this have anything to do with research? Nope, but it has everything to do with the fact that it is now nearly half past nine, when usually I might start writing my Monday post around quarter past eight or so. And it’s all because of Turkish. Türkçe çok zor.

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Authors Answer 67 – The Challenge of Writing Romance

I nearly wasn’t going to write this post today, because I had a cat on my lap, and everyone knows it is impossible to type with a cat on your lap. However, said cat was also being annoying (back paw in the boob, trying to insinuate her front paws into my armpits), so she can fuck off. Let’s be on time two weeks in a row, yeah!

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