This page will contain spoilers. If you have not read the books, I recommend you skip this page.

I mean it, I’m very iffy about spoilers myself, so unless you don’t plan to read my books (sadface) or don’t care, stop right here.

All lists are in alphabetical order, all half-elves are assumed to have an elf father and human mother.

Characters in The Ritual.

AZEREV (AH-zeh-rev) – Male half-elf sorcerer and sinister employer of Zash and Mior. Black hair, blue eyes, age unknown but unlikely to be above fifty. Hatched madcap plan to kill King Sovander through a ritual, which required several magical items and two human sacrifices. Also employs glib elf Siander.

BELDER (BEL-der) – Male human monk in the Monastery of Balance. Bore an instant grudge against Chiarin when she freed Zashter and threatened her with rape and worse. Left to the mercy of the freed half-elf prostitutes in the Monastery.

CHIARIN (CHEE-ah-rin), shortened to Rin – Female half-elf protagonist and first person point of view of The Ritual. Fire-red hair, dark brown eyes. Age around twenty-four (though she’s not entirely sure herself), born in Innis. Identical twin sister to Shaniel. Together they fled the orphanage when Shani manifested sorceress powers, and since that day they lived on the streets. Rin taught herself to pick pockets, but was caught by street thief Naerev, who took her under his wing. Left Naerev when he became too pushy about getting physical with him. From that day Rin and her sister subsisted on burglary, pickpocketing and scams whereby they would seduce a man together, then rob him (before or after sex, depending on how well they liked him). Literally bumped into Zashter on the marketplace in Mazar and experienced lust at first sight, which annoyed her no end. Rin is stubborn, often sullen and a veteran pessimist, though she is also fiercely loyal, inventive and competitive.

MILAREV (MEE-lah-rev) – Legendary thief, perpetrator of many almost unbelievable heists. Race not mentioned, but most likely human. Patron and teacher of Zashter until his death.

MIOREV (MEE-oh-rev), shortened to Mior. Male half-elf, identical twin brother to Zashter. Age around twenty-seven, pitch black hair and eyes. Manifested sorcerer powers at puberty, which would have meant enslavement within days and separation from his magic-less brother. Mior is an almost unquenchable source of good cheer and can be very sarcastic if he feels like it. He was deeply smitten with Shaniel almost from the moment he met her and only held off on instructions from his brother.

NAEREV (NA-ye-rev) – Human street thief and catburglar, teacher and patron of Chiarin for about seven years. Saved her life after she got caught by the city guard, then expected her to repay him with her body.

PAILEV (PAAY-lev) – Human sorcerer, old enough not to care about the possible consequences of teaching an unslaved half-elf sorceress. Taught Shaniel most of what she knew about magic.

SHANIEL (SHAH-nee-ell), shortened to Shani – Female half-elf, identical twin sister to Chiarin. Age around twenty-four, fire-red hair and dark brown eyes. Manifested sorceress powers at puberty, which would have marked her for enslavement within days, and would have separated her from her magic-less sister. They escaped after setting their orphanage on fire and have lived a nomadic life since then. Shani is a dreamer and optimist, and manages to see the bright side of things no matter how dire the circumstances. Found a kindred spirit in Miorev and fell for him as hard as he did for her.

SHIZALIN (SHEE-zah-lin), shortened to Shiza – Female half-elf, waitress in the rogue tavern in Maniaris. Ex-bedmate of both Zashter and Miorev, whom she cannot tell apart.

SIANDER (see-ANN-der) – Male elf, brown hair and blue eyes. Age unknown. Fifth son of a minor elf lord and as such he was unlikely to inherit anything and was required to make his own fortune instead. Fell in with Azerev somehow, and performed minor menial duties for him as well as the job of keeping an eye on the male twins and their quest. When Azerev’s plan went tits-up he tried to salvage the situation by returning King Sovander’s stolen dagger to him, but ended up inadvertently killing him instead, as the dagger had absorbed most of Azerev’s magical killing ritual.

SOVANDER (soh-VAN-der) – Elf king of Arlennis, had a deep-seated hatred of half-elves for reasons known only to himself. Declared half-elves to be abominations early on in his rule, fit only for slavery or unskilled labour. Often known to round up half-elves for no other reason than to satisfy his desire to see a good number of them killed in inventive ways. Rumoured to have killed his father Limander, since he was fed up with waiting to become king. Ostensibly assassinated by Siander, though this was ultimately the result of Azerev’s ritual.

TIALEV (TEE-ah-lev) – Male human, prior of the Monastery of Balance. Interrogated Chiarin upon her capture and consigned her to the Pillow Room.

TIZIEL (TEE-zee-ell) – Female half-elf, one of the prostitutes in the Monastery of Balance. Used by the monks to initiate and prepare new arrivals, likely because she was the longest surviving woman in the Monastery.

ZASHTER (ZASH-terr), shortened to Zash – Male half-elf protagonist of The Ritual. Pitch black hair and eyes. Age twenty-seven (or thereabouts). Born in Fennar, identical twin brother to Miorev. Fled the orphanage when Mior manifested as a sorcerer. Managed to almost immediately catch the attention of Milarev, a legendary thief (well, among thieves), who taught him everything he knew. Finally able to work on his own strength when Milarev died, but was trapped and bound by Azerev, who forced him into servitude to retrieve magical items for him for a ritual, then planned to sacrifice him to it. While Zash initially found Chiarin attractive, he saw her mainly as a means to escape his fate, and planned to use her as such. Zash is introverted and arrogant to his toenails, especially to strangers, but he is also generous and devoted to his brother.

(Book two names to follow at a later date.)


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