Authors Answer 72 – Writing Targets

I could have sworn it was only two weeks ago that Turkish was doing my head in. This confused me, because I do a total of twelve languages at three languages per day, so mathematically it made no sense whatsoever to be at the same language after only fourteen days. Except it was 28 days, which does make sense, mathematically.

And I’m still getting nowhere with Turkish, but hey. On to today’s question!

Do you have a daily or weekly target for writing? What is it, and how do you achieve it?

Ahahahahahahahahahaha, hahaha, heh, ehhh…

Target. Hm, yeah.

Okay, back in the day when writing came pretty easily, I’d have said my target was about 3000 words per day, 20k at the weekend. These days I’m happy if I write at all. I wouldn’t say that I have writer’s block, as such, I just have had no will or energy to put pen to paper. Or finger to keyboard, or whatever the appropriate expression is these days. The stories are there, I just haven’t felt like writing them down.

Maybe that is writer’s block, I don’t know. Maybe it’s all the languages crowding my head, leaving no room for anything else. I do know that the hour or so I used to spend writing is these days taking up by Duolingo.

I plan to change that this year, though. Not the language studies – I’m enjoying that too much (despite certain languages doing my head in). I just plan to devote less time to pointless facebook games and more time to writing stuff.

Beginning next week, probably. I’ll get there, honest. I know that being a proper writer means that you make yourself write, come what may, inspiration or no. The thing is… if I do that, it’d feel too much like a job. Until and unless I can actually make a living with it, writing is a hobby, which means I don’t do it if I don’t feel like it. As usual this is probably one of those ‘in that case you’ll never be a proper writer’ things, but well.

See what other people said in the original post on Jay Dee’s blog.



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