Authors Answer 71 – Standalone or Series?

I am a day late, but this week that was deliberate. I was waiting for the result of a job interview, and yesterday I didn’t have it yet. Next week it would be old news, so I waited until today, which enables me to announce that I was successful!

Whilst this is good news, all it basically means is that I keep the job I was already doing on temporary promotion, so I’m not suddenly getting bucketloads more money. Alas!

Anyway, after that public service announcement, over to this week’s question.

As an author, which do you prefer writing, standalone stories or series?

I think this is another one of those questions where ‘choice’ doesn’t really enter into it. Technically the three books I have published so far are a series of three standalone books, but the truth is that I don’t think I’ve had any characters yet where one book has sufficed to tell their story. Usually that means one full-length novel and then a whole bunch of short stories (best example of that is my Shire Romance novel), but hopefully in the case of my upcoming collaborative series it will mean a proper series of however many books we can find inspiration for.

This does, of course, require me to actually start writing again on a regular basis, but I’m hopeful that now that the stress of my job insecurity is over, it will become easier again.

So yes, I have nothing against standalone stories, I just rarely only have one story to tell.

See what other people have said in the original post on Jay Dee’s blog.


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