Authors Answer 62 – Our Favourite Created Characters

Dammit, did nobody notice that I’d misspelled Author in (of all things) the title of my post last week? Missed the fecking H in there. >.< In my defense, I was still tired from a rather eventful weekend, and unfortunately not even I am perfect.

Anyway, a fun question this week: Who is your favourite character that you created, either for a book/story or just because?

No doubt here whatsoever: Count Nayev Ti’zenna. My extravagant, flamboyant, exaggerated and exuberant elf High Magistrate. And the best thing is that he was more or less a happy accident.

The seed for Nayev was sown in my first book, The Ritual, where I had my protagonists burgle the estate of one Mohander Ti’zenna the Second, who had the biggest wardrobe in the history of elves. Since I had already established my elves as vain to the extreme, that was clearly saying something. Then it came to book two, The Conspiracy, and my protagonists were touring the country to visit all the High Magistrates. This would then, of course, include the Ti’zenna estate. And for reasons that are a little spoilerific, I decided that Mohander had died in the intervening years, and Kai and Sita would be dealing with his son Nayev, who was even more of a peacock than his father was.

And boy, did that turn out to be fun. I went completely over the top with Nayev. He has four costume changes per day, he has an obsession with feathers (which is basically me multiplied by ten – I love feathers), he flaunts his mistresses as openly as he flaunts his wife’s lovers, and he can basically do anything you wouldn’t ever consider a character would do. He’s FUN.

Someday you might witness a little crossover story where my Nayev meets my friend Hillary‘s Shaidaxi. We started it ages ago, and who knows? We might finish it some day. You’ll be in for a treat.

A close second to this is Kai, the male protagonist from The Conspiracy, mainly because he’s just so damn sweet. And don’t take my word for it: this is directly from a review by the wonderful Pauline Ross: I have to say that Kai is one of the most charming heroes I’ve ever encountered, with none of the smug arrogance that so often characterises the male lead these days.

Kai was also a lot of fun to write. Still is, actually, when I get round to writing. Still need to finish that damn erotic shorts collection…

Read what others have said in the original post on Jay Dee’s blog.


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