Authors Answer 60 & 61 – Holidays

Right, 2016 is over and done with, and good riddance. Shittiest year in a long while. And yes, I know some good things have happened too, but Brexit and Trump together are enough to make 2016 a year to bury deeply in the back of a cupboard and forget about forever.

And in true me-fashion I’m catching up and doing two answers at once. To be fair, even if I’d posted an answer last week it’d still have been late, since it would have been on Boxing Day, and question 60 is What are your plans for Christmas day?

That said, I had a lovely Christmas Day. I hosted the meal for my husband’s mother, brother and brother’s wife, plus of course my husband and me. I enjoy cooking, so I really didn’t mind putting a three-course meal on the table.

My more important festivity was New Year’s Eve, though, and that was nearly as much of a fuck-up as 2016 has been. My husband and I were due to fly to Amsterdam on the 30th, from where we’d have taken the train to my home town, my dad would have picked us up from the station and we’d have spent all of New Year’s Eve doing family stuff.

No such luck. We’d been blanketed in heavy fog since the 28th, and it just didn’t let up. When we checked the airport at 10am the flight was already 45 minutes delayed, and it wasn’t due to leave until 15.20. By the time we got to the airport the delay was up to 2 hours, with the plane having to come from Amsterdam first, and every time my husband checked, it hadn’t even left Amsterdam yet. Then at 16.15 the departure board suddenly said the dreaded word: cancelled.

I must say, panic hit a little. I never spend New Year’s Eve anywhere else but with my family in the Netherlands, partly because it involves a lot of baking (oliebollen) and my mother is getting too old to spend six hours in the kitchen doing that. Again, I enjoy cooking, so I do it instead these days.

So, what to do? There’s only one flight from our tiny local airport to Amsterdam each day, so letting the airline company reschedule it would likely have meant going a day later, which was no good. Instead we made sure we were right at the start of the queue, told them to just refund us the money and raced back to the car, booking a spot on the Eurotunnel shuttle as we were running. This then meant a three-hour drive down to Folkestone, then another three-hour drive up to the Netherlands from France through Belgium. We finally got to my parents at around 2am, so I didn’t miss the festivities, thankfully.

and that’ll do for AA 60. AA 61 is What are your plans for 2017?

They’re short: lose weight and write more. I’ve done bits of both in 2016, but not nearly enough to make an impact, so I’m going to get my arse in gear and work harder.

Happy new year all, I hope 2017 will be better than the shitfeast of 2016.

Original posts are on Jay Dee’s blog.

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