Authors Answer 51 & 52

I’m alive! I’m still here! Yes, I know it’s been over a month, sorry. This is due to a combination of one absolutely awesome two-week holiday bookended by family visits from my brother and my parents, which really wasn’t very conducive to writing blog posts.

Before I go back to trying to catch up with the Authors Answer series, I have to engage in some promotional activity for the company we had our holiday with: Hurtigruten. This is a Norwegian company which runs an express ship route up along the Norwegian coast (hurtigruten means ‘the express route’), from Bergen to Kirkenes and back in twelve days. Because they’re doing this anyway, and because Norway is quite spectacularly beautiful, the ships double as cruise ships, and we did the full twelve days.

This is not your normal cruise ship. It is not a floating palace where you need either segways or two hours to get from one end to the other. It’s about 120 metres long, eight decks, and I believe at its busiest there were about 350 passengers on board. It’s cosy. At your first briefing you are warned that this is a working ship with a schedule to keep, so if you’re not back on board by the time you’re supposed to be, the ship will leave without you and it’s up to you to get your arse to the next port so you can get back on. But god, do they look after you… Full buffet breakfast, full buffet lunch, three course dinner, all with delicious local specialities. Little touches that make you feel part of the hurtigruten family while you’re on board. An absolutely tireless tour guide who did everything she could to keep us happy. Staff everywhere who are polite but not servile, and who are happy to stop and have a chat with you if you want to talk to them. We loved every single minute of it and want to do it again sometime.

Oh, and we mainly went to see the northern lights, which we did nine nights out of eleven. Is that awesome or what?

Anyway, enough gushing and let’s get back to business. Given past experience it’s silly of me to assume that I’ll catch up by doing an extra post on some other day in the week, so instead I’ll do two AAs per week until I’m caught up (whenever that is).

And of course the first question makes it glaringly obvious that I’m behind: Halloween is coming up. If you were to wear a costume, which character from any book would you dress up as?

Quite a tricky question really. This is pretty much the first time I’ve read it, and I am clearly unprepared.

Right, let’s start with who I would not dress up as: Lizzie Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. Much as I love the book, I detest the fashion of that time, with the silly lifted waistlines and stupid bonnets. Lifted waistlines look godawful on me anyway – I need a dropped waist, not a raised one. So that one’s off.

Actually, come to think of it, I’d probably dress up as a hobbit. I’m a pervy hobbit-fancier after all, and I’ve got the physique to be a really good hobbit (especially after stuffing myself on Norwegian fish and reindeer for twelve days). If you’re interested in what others answered, the original post is here.

The second question was in celebration of AA’s one-year anniversary, and Jay Dee expanded his pool of authors for that occasion to give a big thank you to all their readers. It’s what got me into answering all the questions on my own blog, and it’s certainly kept me busy during the year! Given that I’ve not really been very productive as far as writing goes in that year, I’ll simply link to the original post, which includes my answer.


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