Authors Answer 49 – Writing Necessities


Okay, I’m two days late. Stuff happened on Monday that stopped me from posting, and Tuesday… well, Tuesdays just aren’t good. So here I am, on Wednesday, with a pretty easy question: What must you have when you write?

There’s really only one thing I cannot do without, and that’s music. I’ve already shared a few of my favourite songs in this earlier post, but that was more about poetry than about the music. Generally speaking, I just cannot sit in a quiet room without feeling that it needs music. It can be pretty much anything I’m listening to at that point, it doesn’t have to be instrumental or whatever; I don’t really get distracted by lyrics when I really get into the zone anyway. Currently I’m very much into both Melotron and Diorama, so I’m going to share a few of my favourites.

I really love this song because it’s catchy and a bit cheeky. The lyrics translate as follows:

Good people grow wings, but I am a black sheep

But my grief is over, because he speaks to me in my sleep

I am leaving the path of virtue, I’m making my own choices now

Let me not be put off by you, your world leaves me cold

Everyone is closest to himself, and what do morals cost you?

Dance with the Devil, dance with the Devil, dance with the Devil through the night

Dance with the Devil through my life, dance with the Devil until he laughs.

When angels freeze in winter, Hell is cosy and warm

Let me feel your fire, Devil power has its charm.

I especially love the line about angels freezing in winter.

There isn’t a huge amount on YouTube by Melotron, but there are a few absolute gems there. This one is one of them:

It’s mellow, it’s lovely.

Last one:

Love is self-defence. Another favourite.

So, Diorama next. I believe this is my absolute all-time favourite Diorama song, but the competition is pretty stiff (this is actually my telephone ringtone):

And possibly my next most favourite one (especially fun for the long Edgar Allan Poe quote at the start):

YouTube is the same for Diorama – they’re too obscure to have their whole back catalogue available, but if you like these two songs, it’s well worth buying their albums. They’re awesome.

So there you go – I cannot write without some of that going on in the background.

See what others said in the original post on Jay Dee’s blog.



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