Authors Answer 43 – Promoting the Book

This will be a very, very short post. The question is: What do people have to say about book promotions and what route works best for them?

Basically, I hate book promotions. Not the concept of them, I am just utterly shite at promoting my books. So I cannot tell you what route works best for me; I’ve had moderate success with Amazon’s ‘put up your book for free’ deals but that’s about it. And when I say moderate, I mean I’ve pushed some books, but got sweet FA in return – no reviews, no nothing.

Seriously, if you want good advice on how to promote your book, check out Pauline M Ross’ blog. Specifically this post, which has some good general advice.

Now I’m off, I have editing duties.

ETA: Oops, forgot to tag Jay Dee’s original post!


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