Authors Answer 41 – The Big Moment

Ooh, quite an exciting question this week! Well, it was back then…

What was it like when you published your first story?

This is way back in the misty depths of 2013. I’d pitched my book at the grand total of one publishing house and got a resounding ‘no’ (after chasing them), and at that point I decided that I simply didn’t have the patience to do that another god knows how many times. Forever, probably.

I mean, self-publishing was a thing, so why not try that? I figured I had a decent enough story, a manuscript with little to no spelling or grammar errors and a nephew with some sort of graphics degree to make me a cover. I got the whole thing going on Amazon, who (if I remember right) said it’d take a few hours to become live.

I went to bed, then went to work the next morning. Since I was all excited about having published my first ever book, I naturally wanted to show my colleagues, so I brought up Amazon, searched on my name and proudly pointed at my book.

“Hey,” my colleague said. “You’ve got a review.”

This made me blink a little, because the book had barely been up 24 hours. Possibly less than that. It was this review. And I must say, that was a hell of a confidence boost.

It turns out that my editor and partner in crime, who works at a library, recommended my book to a colleague who loves her romances. And said colleague absolutely loved it.

So yes, that was a pretty good feeling.

Unfortunately the euphoria has long since died down, especially since I suck at marketing (or possibly just suck at writing) so I only sell about one book per month, but hey.

Read about other people’s experiences here in the original post on Jay Dee’s blog.


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