Authors Answer 38 – Summer Reading

I’ve still not caught up. >.< It’s also unlikely to happen this week, as my nephew and his girlfriend are coming to visit for a week. Ah well, eventually I will catch up, if it’s the last thing I do!

But over to this week’s question, which is: It’s summer, so what’s on your summer reading list?

This is a slightly ironic question to me right now, since it is raining for probably the first time in about three weeks. Yes, it is summer, but Britain only gets about one week of proper summer weather per year, and that happened two weeks ago. The positive thing about that was that it coincided with my week-long recovery from my operation, and I must say it was absolute bliss to spend a week legitimately lounging around in the garden and being waited on hand and foot by my family.

Anyway, the question. Which bemuses me a little, to be frank. People have specific summer reading lists? Okay, I can understand the appeal of limiting yourself to light reading while on holiday, but I generally don’t read big, heavy, morose, horrible and depressing novels anyway. But if I did, I wouldn’t then decide to postpone reading them until the weather felt more appropriate. I read A Game of Thrones while on holiday in Italy. I believe I also read Surface Detail that same holiday.

So, the more appropriate question is probably: what16692120 am I reading this summer? Which happens to be JD Robb’s In Death series. All of it. Back when I still did reviews (yet another thing I need to catch up on), they were a regular feature on my blog, and over the past few months I’ve pretty much read the entire series. Maybe not the last one yet, but I think it’s about £10 on Kindle, which is just a tad too steep for an e-book. I’m hoping the price will drop once it gets a little older since it was only published this year. So the last one I read was probably number 41, and I have thoroughly enjoyed most of them. Enough so that I’ve started again right from the beginning.

Technically they’re murder mysteries. However, they take place in the future (2058 to about 2061 I think), and this being Nora Roberts’ pseudonym, there’s also a hefty dose of romance in there. The main romance is that between the heroine, Eve Dallas, ace homicide detective in the New York Police Department, and Roarke, wealthy-as-fuck, handsome-as-sin Irishman. Beside that there’s Mavis and Leonardo, Peabody and McNab, Charles and Louise… the list keeps expanding, and it’s pretty fun to see all these relationships develop throughout the books. Also, I’m a big fan of Castle (the tv-series), and every time I watched an episode I was very much reminded of these books. I’m sure the writer of Castle is a fan.

The murder mysteries themselves aren’t really your standard whodunnits. Half the time you know right from the start who the killer is, or at least you spend some time in his/her head, and the plot simply follows Eve along as she works her way to finding him/her. It still makes for an entertaining read. I was also pleased to see that the initial tendency to kill the killer(s) at the end of each book has been completely abandoned in the later books.

Still, I’d be reading these books regardless of what season it was.

Want to get some more ideas for your own summer reading? Here is the original post on Jay Dee’s blog.


3 thoughts on “Authors Answer 38 – Summer Reading

  1. Gina

    I, too, am reading the In Death series this summer. I read everything up to “Celebrity In Death” in 2010-2012, and then took a break to read other series. I’m reading “Celebrity In Death” now and enjoying reaquainting with old friends.
    Your summary of the In Death matches mine. I have read the first three many times. Watching Eve and Roarke in the beginning of their relationship is heady stuff!


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