Spotlight – Dreams in another language

I had a very weird dream last night. Full details are a little fuzzy (as so often happens with dreams of course), but it was all to do with me trying to oust a terrorist plot to blow up a student house somewhere in Prague. No, don’t ask me where that came from, I’ve already been there and my brain refuses to explain itself.

Anyway, in my dream I went to said student house to try and stop this plot and unmask the terrorist, or possibly terrorists. I can’t remember whether there was more than one or not. I also cannot explain why Sleeping Me thought it was a great idea to try and do this myself, rather than handing over my information to the authorities and leaving them to deal with it.

Predictably, my anti-terrorist ploy did not work, so Sleeping Me finally decided to do the smart thing and call the authorities after all. Being in Prague, Sleeping Me then thought to be polite to the locals and wish them good evening in Czech before warning them of imminent explosive destruction. And this is the one bit I clearly remember: I called the emergency number and said ‘jedenáct’ (pronounced yeh-deh-naatst).

Which means ‘eleven’.

Awake Me knows this. I may not remember a huge amount of Czech, but I do know that jedenáct means eleven, and that the proper Czech for ‘good evening’ is ‘dobrý večer’ (do-bree veh-cher). Awake Me is also slightly worried that I’m more upset about having mistranslated a greeting than the fact that the terrorist plot was never foiled (I got the emergency service answerphone I think, and woke up before I spoke to a human Czech).

Years and years ago, someone asked me whether I dream in Dutch or in English, and the honest to God truth is that I don’t know. I know I recorded my message on the emergency service answerphone after wishing them ‘eleven’ in Czech, but I don’t have a clue whether I spoke Dutch or English. The only bloody thing I remember is that stupid jedenáct cock-up.

So while I’m no closer to the ‘Dutch or English dreams?’ mystery, I found out at least one thing last night: Sleeping Me can’t speak foreign for toffee.



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