Spotlight – Go Leonardo!

This caught my eye in my daily Metro newspaper this week:


It really warmed my heart, because if I had four million quid to spare, this is exactly what I would do with it.

A number of years ago I made the decision to stop donating to human charities, because I am a (not-so-closet) misanthrope and am of the belief that humans are not worth spending money on. I feel this way in a large part because we are fucking up our planet at an ever-accelerating rate, and in the process of doing so we’re trampling over every single animal that comes in our path. Tigers? Hey, let’s kill them all for ‘medicines’ which never did and never will work. Rhinos? I hear powdered rhino horn gives you the most amazing sexual prowess! Elephants? Dude, I really need some ivory ornaments in my home, because that picture from Ikea just doesn’t cut it. Lions? Let’s go hunting!


Instead, any charity money I spend goes on animal charities. Specifically to the WWF, specifically for tiger conservation, and I also support the RSPCA, specifically for cat rescue pods. Animals need protection from humans, because if you’re fucking up a human they can at least shout at you for doing so, or ask you why the fuck you’re being such a twat. Animals can’t, so they need all the protection we can give them.*

So there you go, well done to you, Leo, you’re my hero of the week.

*Except pandas. Fuck pandas.


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