Authors Answer 22 – Writing Apocalypse

I think I’m going to keep this week’s reply pretty short, since I’m not sure how much I have to say on this matter. The question is Barring a zombie apocalypse, is there anything that could make you stop writing?

Which has a very simple answer: sure, if I run out of stories to tell.

Back when I first wrote A Shire Romance I wrote thousands of words a day, because I had a story and it had to come out, dammit. I subsequently added another three times that amount of words in short stories, to cover the life of Perry and Tamsyn after ASR finished. However, that was it. I doubt I will ever write another story about the two of them, because every idea I had for them I have worked out and written down.

For my current trilogy, the short story anthology I’m working on covers Kai and Sita only. I’ve a few ideas around Zash and Rin which may end up on paper sometime, and I’ve written one story starring Miko (which I may publish here sometime), but once they’re out and written down I think I’ll be done with them as well.

Maybe I’ll never run out of stories, which would be nice, because it does give you something to fill the odd hour here and there, but I’m not going to stress about it. I neither live to write nor write to live, and while it is an activity I mostly enjoy, I wouldn’t miss it if I didn’t have anything to write about, I think.

Original post on Jay Dee Archer’s blog can be found here.


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