Authors Answer 21 – The Ultimate Goal

The four-day weekend is nearly over, unfortunately, and I have been blissfully lazy. Back to the grind tomorrow, which leads neatly to this week’s question: What is your ultimate goal with your writing? Fame? Fortune? Changing the world?

Friends of mine will not be surprised to hear that it certainly is not the latter. I’m a very selfish person, and while I won’t go out of my way to make the world a worse place, neither am I the kind of person who volunteers at soup kitchens and knits blankets for the homeless.

The thing is that if you’d asked me this question three years ago, when I first published The Ritual, the answer would have been very quick: I wanted to become richer and more famous than E L James, mainly because it pissed me off so much that she’d become a millionaire from such a shit couple of books. I know my books are better than hers, yet here I still am, lounging in obscurity.

Three years on, however, my view on things has become somewhat more… well, realistic, I guess. My books are certainly better than the Fifty Shades trilogy, but let’s face it, that’s not really that much of an achievement. (It still pisses me off that badly-written tripe can become that popular, but I get that sometimes things just happen like that, and people just like stupid shit.) No, I’ve long since realised that The Ritual is very much a debut novel of a debut author. I am still proud of it, and I still love it, but I know it’ll never be a bestseller.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still want to become rich and famous for my literary output, but I’ll have to write something better first, and at the moment that’s proving somewhat difficult. Also, once you are rich and famous, people will start expecting things, and writing will become like work, and that will then probably mean that I won’t like doing it anymore, because I’m stupid like that.

Ideally I’ll write something that’ll go stellar and I’ll never have to do anything again in my entire life, so I can keep the writing as a hobby, and that’ll suit me fine. Ultimately I write because I have stories in my head that want to come out, and if a few people read it and tell me that they liked it then it’s all good.

I should make a special mention of my friend Hillary’s goal, because it’s totally awesome: she wants fanfic. Go read her full reply in the original post on Jay Dee’s blog.


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