Spotlight -What’s in a Name?

This is an idea I’ve been playing around with for a while, and hope to turn into a regular (weekly?) feature. For all I know this may be the first and only post, but I like the general idea, so I’m going to try and run with it.

The idea is to take one thing per week that’s grabbed my attention for whatever reason, and devote a blog post to it. Often these things will be relating to books, languages and other generic writery kind of things, but I don’t really want to limit myself to that. As I said, I’ll just try and run with it.

This week’s Spotlight is on something which I first spotted through one of my friends on Facebook, with the header ‘if anyone wants to truly know exactly what the British are like, all you need to read is this’.

‘This’ being this article:

If you couldn’t be bothered to click on that link, the story is that the Natural Environment Research Council will be getting a new, 200 million pound Arctic research vessel, and they asked the public to get involved and suggest a good name to give to the ship.

The current name in the lead is Boaty McBoatface.

As at Monday, this suggestion is leading with 27,000 votes, far, far ahead of the second and much more sensible choice of Henry Worsley, who is the guy who died in January after failing in his attempt to make the first solo crossing of the Antarctic.

Other more silly suggestions include Pingu, Usain Boat and It’s Bloody Cold Here.

One of the things I really like about this article is that the NERC are absolutely loving it. When the guy who first suggested the name apologised to them for the whole thing, the NERC’s response was ‘no need to be sorry, we’re loving it’.

Personally, I feel that the NERC should just accept the choice of the public and call their extremely serious, expensive, state-of-the-art ship the RSS Boaty McBoatface, simply because it’s fucking funny. And yes, it does sum up the Brits quite nicely.

Also, this being Britain, it then spawned this spoof news article:

This of course in reaction to his budget, which proposed to cut benefits to disabled people in order to fund a tax break for people on middle to high incomes. Amongst many other things, because the man truly is a cunt.

I shal close this post by saying that I know I’ve brittified enough that among the many nicknames I have for my cat Loki, one of them is Fatty McFatfat.




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