Authors Answer 11 – Genre Challenge

We’re sticking with genres for another week, and this time the question is If you were going to write in another genre, what would it be?

I can think of two answers to this question, and the first is Science-Fiction. It’s certainly not my first love (Fantasy), nor my second (Romance), but it’s still a genre I very much enjoy reading.

My husband has asked on several occasions whether I ever intend to write any sci-fi, and the honest answer has to be that while I would like to, I don’t know that I have the skills or persistence to pull it off.

To start with, I have always been drawn far more to (pseudo) medieval settings than futuristic ones. I’d rather play Civilisation than Starcraft, and once Civ gets to the futuristic part I lose interest. While I massacre demons in Diablo III, my husband hops through the galaxy in Elite: Dangerous. It’s always been like that in our household, and it would require a lot of investment for me to immerse myself enough in the future to write a book about it.

The biggest stumbling block, though, is the science. I’m not afraid of science, but I’m only interested in it in a peripheral way. I briefly toyed with the idea of studying astronomy back when I had to decide what to do with my future, but ditched it when it turned out to be far too much physics. Science fiction requires far more research than fantasy does – it’s much easier to explain something away with magic than to do it with science. And if there’s one thing that is one of my main, abiding characteristics, then it’s that I’m lazy. I simply cannot be arsed to spend half my time writing a book just on the research to make it believable.

The other genre I would love to be able to write is murder mysteries, but there is a ridiculous amount of skill involved in seeding enough clues into a book that people might work it out, without adding so many that it’s obvious, thereby rendering the book boring. It requires careful planning, and I’m a pantser. With my third book, I knew where it started and I knew where it was going to end, but before I started writing it I literally had about one major event that happens in the middle in my mind. Everything else came out as I was writing it. I tried to write an outline for book two, and it ended up deviating from it so much that I might as well not have bothered. So no, murder mysteries are unlikely to happen.

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