RIP Alan Rickman

Goddamn it, world, did you have to?

Okay, David Bowie was bad, but on a personal level it didn’t hit me that much. I admired the man (and oh, Jared in Labyrinth!), but there it ended. Alan Rickman, however…

Fuck, the man was one of my heroes. No one could do weary sarcasm as well as him, and I loved him in films like Galaxy Quest and Dogma. He made Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves not only watchable, but entertaining as well. Need I mention Die Hard? And seriously, no one, absolutely no one else could have played Snape.

Kinda feel like my heart has been cut out with a spoon. Yes, it was dull. It hurts more. 😦



3 thoughts on “RIP Alan Rickman

  1. Head Swinger

    Exactly! He was such a phenomenal actor. I never quite understood how he managed getting the sarcasm with a pinch of emotional caring so freakin’ well.
    Saw him on stage once and was awed. What a loss 😦


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