New series – Authors Answer

I am shamelessly stealing someone else’s idea here, but I’m doing it with permission. My previous post was a re-blog of the one-year anniversary post of Authors Answer over on Jay Dee Archer’s blog. I rather like the idea, but since I am a year late to that bandwagon, I’ll just supply my own answers to the questions so far. And I’m kicking straight off with the Writing Studio!

If you could design your dream studio, what would it have/look like?

This is actually quite a difficult question for me, since I don’t really have an ideal writing set-up, other than the one I have already. Let me start by describing my current environment.

My desk is in what my husband and I refer to as ‘the computer room’. It is one of two downstairs rooms in our house, the other one being the living room. (Downstairs also has a kitchen, a utility room and a tiny hallway.) This is actually the room we both spend most of our spare time in, since neither of us watch a lot of TV. We tend to browse the internet, I play a lot of games (mostly Hearthstone and Diablo III at the moment), and once it gets to later in the evening I write. I’m an evening writer (though when the mood grips me I am an any time ‘omgomgomg I need to get it out of my head’ kind of writer).

From the original post I can see mention of lots of light, big windows, room for maps, the ability to shut out noise and/or light. Personally I’d say all of that is nice, but essential? No. I have a good writing desk with a comfortable chair, a nice keyboard which feels just right when you hit the keys (which is absolutely essential – I can’t stand keyboards that don’t feel right) and the kitchen within easy reach for when I want a cup of tea or coffee.

Speaking of which…

Right, five minute coffee break done.

So, my desk is a mess. Well, it’s actually less of a mess than it was a few weeks ago, because I had my six-monthly tidy-up fairly recently. And I did that not because it was bothering me, but because every now and then I get this feeling that I really ought to get rid of all that crap and see if there’s anything important in that pile of paperwork. The basic fact is that I am a terribly messy person, and I’ve lived with myself long enough that I know I won’t change that.

I have a desktop computer, because I’m old-fashioned and I can’t stand laptops. I don’t understand how anyone can get anything done on a laptop. I can handle one when I’m away from home, but the tiny keyboard invariably gets on my tits and I’m always accidentally brushing the mouse pad and sending my cursor somewhere else so I’m suddenly typing in the middle of a sentence three paragraphs earlier.

I have a lovely 19-inch monitor, which is a very recent upgrade from my 17-inch one. It took me a day or so to convince my husband that the whole point of a bigger monitor isn’t to have more shit on a screen with a much higher resolution – no, it is to have the same resolution so everything you had before is now BIGGER! Wohoo!

No, I do not have vision problems. Well, I have when I’m not wearing my contact lenses, but that’s rare.

And that’s about it really. Anything else is fluff. I like the ideas of big maps on the wall and a cosy reading corner and lots of bookshelves, but to me my ideal is to just have a whole house with designated rooms for stuff. I’d have a cinema room, a music room, a library, possibly a gym… Also, my computer room does have several bookshelves (since I had no more space for any more in the living room), a cosy reading corner (though the chair is full of my husband’s crap and the comfy chair is mostly used by the cats), and I’ve so badly run out of wall space for all the things I want to hang up that I’m seriously considering putting things up on the ceiling.

Basically, I don’t need an ideal writing studio, I just need a bigger house.



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