Book Three Finished!

My one week blog post hiatus has paid off! I’ve now finally finished the second draft of my third book. I consider that finished, because all I now need to do is await the comments from my beta readers and tweak as necessary, which will hopefully be minor stuff only.

So, the vital statistics:

Total number of words: 117,602. This is about 7k less than The Ritual, making it my shortest book in the trilogy. Still, not that much shorter (and The Conspiracy is, admittedly, a total doorstop) and I have far exceeded the expectations I had when I first started.

Total chapters: eighteen, plus a prologue and an epilogue. This is the first book with a prologue, and I was initially not going to have an epilogue. I might still ditch it, depending on what my betas say.

Average chapter length: 6431 words (not counting the pro- and epilogue, which are both very short). To my standard, that’s pretty short. To compare: average chapters in The Ritual were 7700 words and in The Conspiracy 7000 words. This probably has a lot to do with my editor really pushing me to strip the unnecessary shit. Hopefully my prose will be a lot more tight and polished in this book.

Watch this space for a publishing date!


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