One week hiatus

There will be a hiatus in my Bible project this week, because I’m this ]-[ close to finishing my third novel, and I’m determined to finish the last chapter to the satisfaction of my editor this week, which is proving tricky because she’s nitpicky. (Hi Hillary!)

This is what I pay her for, of course, but still. Back next week.


2 thoughts on “One week hiatus

  1. paulinemross

    Yes, yes, yes – finish the book! Your fans await. 🙂

    Although I’ve been enjoying the Bible articles HUGELY. Quite the best thing in the blogosphere for ages.

    1. Erica Dakin Post author

      Oh, I’m so glad to hear that! I wasn’t sure anyone was interested in them, never mind enjoying them.

      And yes, I’ve been ridiculously slow in producing this book. Right now I’m just making sure that the quality doesn’t suffer despite that!


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