Review: His Wicked Games – Ember Casey

  • Title: His Wicked Games
  • Author: Ember Casey
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Why: Recommendation by another review blog.
  • Rating: 4 Stars

Description: Trapped with a billionaire in his mysterious mansion… Can she beat him at his own game?

Lily Frazer would do anything to save the Frazer Center for the Arts–even take on the infamous billionaire Calder Cunningham. When Lily breaks onto the Cunningham estate, she only wants to find and reason with Calder. (All right, all right, she wants to punch him in the face, too, but that’s Plan B.) As it turns out, the arrogant billionaire is willing to give her the money he promised, but there’s a catch: she must win it from him.

Lily isn’t about to give up the money without a fight (or let some haughty bastard seduce her), but she quickly discovers that there might be more to the brooding Calder than she initially perceived. As their games of cat and mouse become increasingly intense, she suddenly finds herself confused by her own emotions. Can she deny her attraction long enough to win the money she needs?

A contemporary, steamy take on Beauty and the Beast, His Wicked Games is a tale of devilish deeds, wild passions, and wicked romance.

Review: Initially I wasn’t too sure about this book. It starts off with the heroine, Lily Frazer, outside the gates of the mansion of the hero, Calder Cunningham, alternately begging, cajoling and threatening to be let in. The reason why is fine – she runs a struggling art centre, and Calder has withdrawn the huge amount of cash his father had originally promised the centre before he died. To Lily this means they’ve reneged on a contract, and she needs the money so desperately that she’ll do anything to secure it.

To the extent of flashing her tits at the security camera.

At this point I got the feeling you get at a porn movie. You know, the plumber knocks at the door to repair the washing machine, the lady of the house goes all ‘ooh, isn’t it hot in here’ and within five minutes they’re shagging each other on the kitchen floor. The plot is sacrificed to get to the sex, and personally I want a little more than that.

But then I was pleasantly surprised to find that things didn’t happen like that. The flashing thing was probably more a little reminder to the reader that this is erotica and yes, it will get hot later.

And boy, does it. Erotica stands or falls on the strength of the sex, and Casey has nothing to worry about in this regard. Plot-wise the overall story is fairly predictable, but when Lily becomes trapped in Calder’s mansion by the weather and they start playing games – if Lily wins she’ll get her money – things get pretty sizzling.

Ultimately whether you like this book will probably depend on how you feel about Lily and Calder. Calder is your standard brooding, dark, secretive hero, and I thought he was pretty sexy. Lily is maybe a little more sketchy, but personally I can very much sympathise with a hot man getting in the way of your morals. I’m a sucker for a pretty face, so I’m not going to sit here and say I’d have resisted him.

Decent plot, hot sex – four stars.


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