Review: Wounded – Lindsay Buroker

  • Title: Wounded
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
  • Genre: Adventure? With a bit of comedy and romance? Kinda hard to place.
  • Why: Saw someone else’s review and was intrigued.
  • Rating: 3.5 Stars

Description: When Tara Blankenship’s writing assignment takes her to an “eco village” on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, she anticipates a quiet couple of weeks in a quaint setting. (She’s far too mature to use the word boring, thank you very much.) What she stumbles into is anything but quiet and quaint.

Someone has been slaughtering livestock to scare the villagers, mysterious intruders are searching the property at night, and Tara finds a grisly welcome-warning on the porch of her guest cottage. To top it off, the surly neighbor nearly runs her off the road on her first day. Why are the handsome ones always such jerks?

Malcolm Ashcroft is the last person a sane woman would want to deal with, but he may be the only one with the key to solving the mystery—and giving Tara the story of her career. Of course… he might also be the man behind all the trouble.

Review: There’s generally no real rhyme or reason to how I buy my books. I will buy the next book(s) in a series, if I liked the first one, but other than that anything might make me buy a book. In this case, I read a review from someone I highly respect, who recommended it as a solid, fun read. The words ‘rom-com’ were used, which unfortunately has probably coloured my final rating a bit, because I was expecting a little more rom with my com. That’s not to say that the rom wasn’t there, but it wasn’t as pronounced as I personally would have liked. Other people are probably fine with that – this is purely my own personal preference.

Anyway, the heroine of the story is Tara Blankenship, an aspiring writer who has taken on a writing assignment at an eco-village. She will live there for several weeks and write a blog about the experience. From the moment she arrives, however, it is clear that there’s something fishy (or in this case fungi) going on, and the eco-village’s hunky-but-grumpy neighbour may or may not be the culprit.

On the whole this was a solid, entertaining read. Buroker’s writing is easy on the eye, with good dialogue and believable characters. I flew through it in probably no more than two or three days on holiday, and the story was memorable enough that now, several months on, I still remember a good amount of detail.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the ending, mainly due to the motivation of the ‘bad guys’. It seemed to me that the kind of lengths they went to didn’t quite match their final end-goal, even if you take it in an ‘end justifies the means’ setting. That, and the fact that the romance wasn’t as romantic as I’d have liked, drops it to 3.5 stars (so 4 for sites without halves), but I definitely enjoyed it as a light, fluffy holiday read.


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